Conservatives are changing the direction of this country for the next hundred years by supporting the Republican party and the Trump agenda. We are a Nation with a Constitution and laws that will propel us forward into success, safety, and prosperity if we conform to the ideals set forth by our founding fathers. Most other Social Media sites are radical leftist organizations that focus on globalization and safe spaces. We choose to focus on Traditional Values, Capitalism, and American Greatness. Our God, Guns, and Religion will keep America Great.




Social Media Community for Conservative America


Providing a Social Media Network where Conservative Americans can thrive without fear of intimidation from left-wing radical hate and socialist lies.


Our goal is to build a strong Conservative community that can grow exponentially be assisting, encouraging, and promoting each other's causes.

Statement of faith:

We believe that America has begun a 100 year run of Conservative dominance guided by the Constitution and strong leadership that will be modeled after the example set forth by Presedent Donald J Trump who determined to secure our borders, restore American pride, and promote a culture of American greatness through Capitalism.

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